Peeled Tipi Poles
Our poles are peeled and sanded. We use mainly Douglas fir because of its lightness and strength.
De-Bark Your Own
Peeling your own poles is simple, rewarding and a cost effective way to getting a set of poles. Free advice can be given on the tools and techniques required.
The poles are a natural material, and whilst we endeavour to select the straightest poles some slight bends and curves are to be expected, along with occasional chainsaw marks and nicks. We do not use any chemical treatments on the poles, although we would recommend treating the butts with a preservative. Linseed oil can be applied to the entire pole. The butts of the poles are straight cut.
All dimensions are approximate, and in metres, followed by feet in brackets. All prices are in pounds sterling (no VAT is due).
Tipi SizeNumber of Poles per SetAverage Pole LengthSet of Poles
(with Bark)
Single Pole
(with Bark)
Set of Poles
Single Pole
3.7m (12')9†4.9 (16)162.0018.00324.0036.00
3.7m (12')114.9 (16)194.0018.00388.0036.00
4.3m (14')11†5.8 (19)216.0020.00432.0040.00
4.3m (14')145.8 (19)276.0020.00552.0040.00
4.9m (16')146.7 (22)304.0022.00608.0044.00
5.5m (18')14†7.6 (25)344.0025.00688.0050.00
5.5m (18')177.6 (25)419.0025.00838.0050.00
6.4m (21')178.8 (29)455.0027.00910.0054.00
Tipi Pole Sets
The price chart shows the recommended number of poles for a Sioux (tripod based) tipi but more or less can be used depending on your tipi maker’s guidelines. The thickest four should be used for the tripod and the canvas lifting pole, the two smallest for the smoke flaps, and the remainder for the rest of the frame.
† Budget Option
Using fewer poles reduces the cost (and transport weight), but does mean your tipi will be more angular in appearance and its strength is reduced. Further poles can always be added later.

Please see delivery and payment pages before ordering.

* We can cut poles to any size shorter than 4.9 metres (16ft) but the lowest price is that of a 4.9 metre (16ft) pole.

** Sets include two smoke flap poles from the next size down.

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